Good news :)

Quintillion Quiz is currently touring with Acid Black Cherry! This is good news, as Acid Black Cherry was started by Yasu (Janne da Arc) so they’re pretty popular. 🙂 Who knows, maybe Quintillion Quiz will be scouted and finally sign onto a major record label!!

Either way, this is good news. This may or may not sign them onto a record label, but it definitely will gather new fans. More fans means bigger popularity which means their chance of being signed on gets better and better!

Sorry for not posting more scans, everyone. =/ Lots of midterms and all that junk so I haven’t had a lot of time for things like that. A quick blog post here and there takes WAY less time than scanning and editing images.. They’re still coming, though. No worries there. 🙂

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Sneak previews~

So I’m pretty busy with school and my new job, but here’s some proof that I mean what I say about updating. 🙂

Mement Mori 1

Mement Mori 2

Mement Mori 3

Later I’ll have better edits of these scans (I’ll try to have it where I don’t have all that WHITE going on) and I’ll scan other things as well. But for now enjoy this taste of what’s to come. =) Keep checking back for more updates~~

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This blog is NOT dead

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates. T_T I won’t bother explaining my absence as it’s all just excuses. But rest assured, the blog is NOT dead, and I finally got my scanner working so you can expect scans of CDs covers and jackets. Unless my scanner decides to be mean again, the scans will be up tomorrow, so please check back. 🙂

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Exciting News!!

Today I’ve received my copy of “Mement Mori,” Quintillion Quiz’s first album! To celebrate the release, I’ve updated its info in the discography, with all of the romanized titles of each track.  Pictures will come later. ❤

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Updates Updates~

Wrote the “ABOUT” page, the “INFO” page, and started up the “DISCOGRAPHY” page.  Check back for the completion of the discography page, reviews page and more! =)

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Hello world!

Welcome to LUV.REMIX! Soon this will be the only Changin’ My Life, myco, and Quintillion Quiz English fansite!! (or at least the only one I can find)

This site is a work-in-progress, so please keep checking back for updates!

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