It all began with the band “Changin’ My Life.”  Changin’ My Life consisted of three members: myco (vocals), Tanabe Shintarou (guitar), and Henmi Noritaka (keyboards).

They debuted on May 30th 2001 with the song “Luv.Remix,” the song that this site was named after.  The band was sadly short lived and only released 6 singles, 2 original albums, 1 Best of album, and 1 DVD containing PV clips.
The band disbanded because of one of the member’s had some sort of personal problem.  It was decided that rather than continue on without him that it was best for the band to simply dissolve.
The band didn’t gather as many fans as the likes of Ayumi Hamasaki and other popular pop artists, but the fans it did gain are all devoted and still listen to them to this day.

Following Changin’ My Life’s best of album, “The Best of My Life,” was myco’s debut as a solo artist with the song “Christmas ni kuchizuke wo,” released on November 19th 2003.  myco’s solo artist days were even shorter.  She released only 3 singles and then her 1st and only album on August 18th 2004.

Since that release, fans hadn’t heard new music from myco for a few years.  Many lost hope in her ever returning to music, and sadly listened to what we did have, wishing for more.

January 12th, 2008.  The band Quintillion Quiz was formed! For myco fans, this was something new; instead of a pop act like we were all used to, it quickly became apparent that this was going to be a rock band.  It didn’t disappoint, and many fans even say they like this new “Rockin’ myco” even better! Quintillion Quiz consists of three members: Masanori Mine (guitar), myco (vocals) and Ju-ken (bass).

Currently, Quintillion Quiz is still an indies band and none of their music is being produced by a record label, meaning their music is nearly impossible to find.
Quintillion Quiz has recently released their 1st original album, “Memento Mori.”
You can visit QQ at their youtube channel: (run by myco herself!), and at their official blog:


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